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Hello, My name Is Bran. My Friends call me Organized.


Hi there and welcome Crafts and Glory. Here, I will share the layers of my passionate interests and past times in the name of fun, inspiration, and exchange for empowerment.

Me in a nutshell:
-Mom of 2
-Business Owner
-Grad Student
-Balance seeker

You could say organization is a big part of my personality but there are layers to who I practice being everyday. I want a lot out of my life and expect it by my efforts. I want to see others get the most out of life and reach their highest heights, be it an accomplishment in parenting, lifestyle, health, creativity or confidence. We are in the fun of it together.

Stick around and let’s get into the experience of day-by-day Glory (love, light, inspiration and creativity). We will walk hand in hand in each post towards a fulfilling now, tomorrow and future.

Stay well,


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A woman, mom, wife, business owner with goals to seek Success and Glory every single day!

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