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Gone Dairy Free


I recently decided to go dairy free. The cause of my choice being, my allergies really kicking off with summer. I was sneezing in my sleep and having a terrible time with resultant lack of sleep. I also had the general issues with watery eyes, and scratchy throat etc..

I decided to learn more about the dairy free lifestyle after talking with my husband. I initially had given up whole milk years ago after the birth of my first son. Nursing after ingesting dairy would often leave my son with a gassy and irate tummy. Once I stopped drinking whole milk my son’s tummy seemed more content. So that is where I fell in love with Almond Milk.

I first began with researching all I could about what dairy free eating looked like. It was also helpful to review, what dairy free folks love and find challenging about the lifestyle.

I first settled on securing a list of dairy products that were my staples and what the non-dairy comparative would be. I then looked for meal plans and opportunities to cook non-dairy meals. Next, I launched right into the calendar and set the date for 30 days. My hubby was a great cheerleader and my kiddo’s seemed to none the wiser.

I found there were several things on the journey that I had not considered. First non-dairy and traveling or vacationing requires research. This was the hardest thing to work on for road trips. I often go for the granola, seeds and nut options, water and tortilla chips etc. Most chips and cookies and chocolate have dairy.

Additionally, at cookouts and family gatherings where food is being offered; it can be an elegant dance to turn away baked treats, taste tests and aunt Gladys’ mac and cheese casserole. I learned that trying one bite is usually appeasable and you can keep your “normal” card. But all kidding aside you may hear relatives and friends chime that you’re being all new aged and trendy. Pay them no mind and find out if it makes you better, happier and more fulfilled. That is where you find the wave.



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