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Bee Pollen for Hair Growth?


I have been a Bee Pollen believer for the last year and a half. I did several days of research to learn more about the different types of supplements available on the market and which ones were safe, and healthy. Generally I have noticed that everything in pill form is not actually made safe or completely what the label says it is supposed to be.

Shopping healthy can be so confusing and overwhelming with all the marketing that goes into the “market it to sell no matter what” culture. I am starting to dig deeper into tips about what products deserve my family’s trust and how to quickly decipher that information with two little ones in a grocery store, health food store, vitamin shop etc. I will keep that information documented here as the information unfolds.

Anyway, back to be pollen. I love Bee Pollen, in my experience it has provided me with energy and my immune system sings it’s praises, an additional effect has been a nice amount of healthy hair growth! My hair grows about a half inch a month and once I started taking Bee Pollen my hair growth started to exceed that standard. I would also say that my hair may actually grow more than a half inch a month and I could only retain that growth when I started to take a supplement that provided me with appropriate nutrients. Toma-toe vs. To-matoe…

I have been taking just 2 tablets a day and I am ready to rock this world. Generally, when I first started taking Bee Pollen I took Pollen Granules, which are kid approved in correct doses. However, I often would overindulge taking more than the recommended dose. I would get an upset tummy and feel caffeine drunk. This was a very unfortunate experience, but my body may have been more finicky because the granules are more concentrated than the capsules in my opinion and experience.

Once I resorted to the capsule format I have been sitting pretty. I use Bee Pollen as an overall supplement with the benefit of great hair, skin and nails, energy, immunity, and circulation. I feel like Bee Pollen is definitely doing more for my body than I happen to recognize, so I thank the bees and nature for all their hard work that is happening and will try not to take it for granted.

Where I buy my Bee Pollen:

bee pollen

Click here for more details: My Favorite Bee Pollen




  1. Bayleigh Varnel says

    Hi Bran,

    Thanks for your post! I am in search of the best brand of bee pollen to start taking. Do you have any recommendations in capsule form + granual? Thank you!


    • Hi there, I have really enjoyed the granules more than the capsules…I’m thinking that the concentration is higher. I will add a link to the post for where I buy my bee pollen. Thank you for your feedback.


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