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Drop Cloth Rug DIY

We needed a new rug and we needed one bad. My husband and I often would just take a spin over to Ikea and grab the 20$ special and those rugs would generally last a couple months, before the boys would spill enough gunk on it to make it look beyond help from anymore spot be gone. I also really disliked the way all of the rugs corners would start to “perma-roll” up…Feng Shui now! I grew tired of the life cycle the Ikea rugs offered but being a conservative spender, I began to really think about what is the way out of regularly buying a new accent rug every couple of months?

Fist thought was to make my own rug with scraps of fabric but who has that kind of time? For the dimensions that I would like the fabric scrap rug just didn’t strike me as productive, not to mention how do you spot clean something like that?

Well, one day Pinterest happened to share a drop cloth rug DIY. I glanced at the images and instantly knew how to put one together. For a crafter Pinterest can be like a recipe picture book, most of the time you can look at images and the route comes naturally more or less.


Supply List:

Plastic drop cloth for painting
Canvas drop cloth of you preferred size/ dimension (I used 5 x 4)
Indoor/ Outdoor Paint with Primer and Top Coat all in one (I used Dutchboy) for base
Sponges to make paint stamps
Acrylic paint for rug design

Step1: Lay the plastic drop cloth in a low traffic area and then unfold the canvas drop cloth.


Step 2: Paint the Canvas drop cloth with at least 2 coats of paint; I would also recommend using richer colors for the base color.


Step 3: Take the sponges and cut shapes to add depth to the Drop Cloth Rug. I just went the basic route and cut squares, triangles and circles.


Step 4: Create your patterns and borders on your rug and adding 4 or more will really help the rug to look finished and fabulous.


*Be sure to check out the video here for more details and enjoy!


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