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Daily Meditation 30 Days & Beyond


Another successful 30 day challenge complete! I am so excited about getting into the daily routine practice of Meditation. I was originally introduced to meditation when I was 18 and hanging out with one of my “hippie” friends from childhood. We were at her house and had a meditation circle, it was really cool and I found that I was able to grasp a new channel of enlightenment. At the time it just seemed like supreme focus, nonetheless I was impressed with an almost instant shift in my mood from tired and bored to open and energized.


Years later, after that initial experience with meditation I returned to practice. I would attempt belly breathing sporadically at work or after I put the boys to bed. It was consistently an awesome experience as belly breathing is essentially Meditation if you just close your eyes.


As of a month ago almost two, I became more serious about picking up meditation. I was excited because I have held knowledge of the benefits and have already experienced the benefits firsthand off an on over the years. I was ready to enjoy them daily. I decided to check out information online and look for some books to really get solid on my approach to building the habit.

On a family road trip, I listened to Russell Simmons Success Through Stillness and the information was very practical. I really enjoyed the beginner information as well as the flexibility of approach for meditation. The accumulation of information allowed me to feel ready to start my challenge.

When I returned home I started with the goal of just 20 minutes a day. Some days I would run out of time so my time from a missed Monday meditation would transfer over to Tuesday to create a 40-minute meditation session and by the weeks end I would meet my goal to meditate for 140 minutes total. After about 2 weeks I was consistent with daily practice and my life has become so much richer for it. I am happier, calmer, more focused and positive. I still have bouts of stress, worry and anxiety but now, I feel more in control of my thoughts and now have the ability to shift my focus to more productive thinking. I remember recently I was so overwhelmed with worry that I became exhausted and felt completely deflated. I feel like Meditation allowed for me to find the light and get right back to living, doing and aspiring. I hope to reach an hour of daily meditation in the future but I am currently averaging at least a half hour daily and that is something to smile about.


I really love:

Mantra (repeating a word/ phrase) meditation- I get a good stream of positive self-talk going about the day ahead.

Buddhist Chant Meditation (where the chant is specifically OMMMMMM)

I also like to meditate where I just focus on my breathing, there are several guided breathing meditation demos.


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