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Woman Habits Book Review- Shanel Cooper Sykes


What is it to be a woman? And, a woman of color no less?

I find that there is a void to be filled. Many women of color can relate to having minimal rites of passage in national and American Culture. I know that the Debutant ball is a point where women gain interest and education on proper etiquette as a woman but beyond that I hear the crickets chirping.

Shanel Cooper Sykes to the rescue! In her book titled Woman Habits she covers some basic and not so basic tips on etiquette to keep your mind and body more Godly.

She has tips on how to be sexy, clean; financially savvy and how important it is to, sexually speaking know your own body. The content in this book is definitely long overdue in the African American Community. I encourage any and all women of color to read this book and also to use your own wisdom to determine what to keep and utilize within your lifestyle and what to return to sender.

Overall I appreciate this book, most of the content was exciting to read, and then there were a few things that gave me pause.

The hyphenated words were difficult to overlook when reading and some of the suggestions seemed wasteful of energy for those of us with time limitations. But you will have to use your own wisdom to a la Carte the offerings worth devouring and devour you will.

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