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Small Spaces & Places Sewing and Crafting Corner Tour +Tips


Sewing requires a little space, the more the better but in cases where space is an issue; I have an idea that may make the cut.

My love for sewing is really in bloom and I just decided to take advantage of our recent move with a blueprint covering a little chunk of my bedroom for a sewing and crafting corner, as I must simply create in order to be “alive”!

I really want to thank Ikea, Wal-Mart and the brilliant mind behind contact paper because that is where I found some of the cool things that make the corner so very welcoming and electric.


Below I have some links to some of the products used from my corner. I hope you love them!

Don’t hesitate to share any ideas that may work for space saving. I love the information exchange! Check out my video for more info.

Contact paper:×4/-/A-16505802#prodSlot=medium_2_6&term=contact+paper

Chair similar in price and style:

Table similar to Ikea sewing table:

Plastic Drawer Storage:


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