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Cowl Neck 3/4 Sleeve Shirt Dress DIY


I love the cooler weather months because; I get to be all snuggly and warm with my fashion.

I made this lovely cowl neck sweater dress with ¾ sleeves. My goal was to have a ¾ sleeve top that was fitted yet demure. AKA: I need a top that was long enough to cover my bum. I wanted to wear this sweater dress with slacks for my internship and feel “per-fesh”. I wanted to look like myself and needed to get “My Life” in the words of Tamar Braxton. I have been trying to stretch my summer clothes into the fall but it is getting cold and it is time to put my fabric stash to work.

I would wear this lovely with my skinny jeans, maxi skirts, and with my favorite pencil skirts and slacks.


I used 2 yds. of stretchy black sparkly fabric.


I double folded the fabric. I layered a fitted dress over the fabric, then cut my shirtdress template.


Next, I layered the sleeves over the fabric and cut the arm templates (one per arm).


I then cut a piece of fabric  for the cowl neck. I chose the height first, then doubled the height ( we will fold it in half). I then wrapped the cowl fabric strip around my head to make sure it would be long enough to pull over my head (I have a big head). Hemn the end with a double fold.

Sew the shoulders and sides of the dress template. Keep the armholes open to attach the sleeves.


Attach the cowl at the neck of the dress, fabric side out. Turn the sleeve print side out and then hemn the sleeves by reversing the sleeve direction inside of the dress body.

Hemn the bottom of the dress and the sleeves and off you go into fabulousness.

More info in the video below:


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