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Hooded Vest DIY I Fall & Winter Beginner Sewing


Here is another ode to essential snuggly garments to wear during the cooler months. I made this hooded vest with the goal of having another work appropriate (bum covering) jacket to wear with tapered pants. I don’t have very many winter clothes and thought I should dig into my fabric stash and see where inspiration took me.

I would wear this lovely hooded vest in several glorious ways. I think the easiest would be with tapered pants and skinny jeans. Or if I feel extra edgy, break out the faux black leather leggings and strut about the town.


I started with 2 yds. of soft flannel fabric. I folded it double.


I then took my hooded coat and layered it over the corner of the fabric. I cut a 1 inch seam allowance around the hood. To complete the hood, sew the left and right side together. Hemn the front of the hood with a double folded hemn. Do not hemn the bottom of the hood, we will connect that part to the back of the vest later.


I then used the remaining fabric to create the vest. I layered a loose fitting sweater over the flannel fabric to create my template, minus the sleeves.

DSCN1002I then cut a line down the center of just the top layer of fabric to make an opening for the vest. I pinned the shoulders and sides (length) of the vest to sew the front and back of the vest together. Leave the arm holes open.


Take your hood and match the inside of the hood with the inside of the vest. Find the mid point of the back of the vest and align that with the mid point of the hood. Pin in place and sew, leave an inch of edge on either side of the hood. Last and finally, double fold hemn each side of the opening of the vest. Double fold hemn the arm holes and you are all DONE, time to strut about!

More info in the video below:


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