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Christmas Holiday Stocking DIY I Beginner Sewing


We live in a small apartment and yet we expect Santa to grace us with his presence and presents this Christmas holiday.

Step #1 is to hang up your Christmas stocking and remember to be nice because we had better watch out, right.

“Record skips”, note to self… we dont have stockings to hang or be stuffed…

I could just buy them from the dollar store for old times sake but Santa and I both know that I can make custom stockings from my scrap fabric.

Let us begin.

Fold 1 1/2 yards of fabric double.


Layer a stocking over the fabric or freehand a stocking on the fabric. I went to the dollar store to have an easy and affordable template.


Choose a contrasting print for the cuff of the stocking, layer over the body of the stocking and then choose how long or short you would like the cuff to be. Cut around the body of the stocking to ensure the fabric will layer properly. Then, iron the crease of the bottom of the cuff, it will help the stocking to have a nice finish.


Cut a 6-8 inch piece of elastic


Next, make a sandwich of the back of the stocking, print side in then the cuff fabric print side in, then the elastic fabric folded in half, inverted and hang just outside the stocking silhouette. Finally, layer the other side of the stocking print side down. Pin and sew the perimeter of the stocking. Be sure the leave the top open.


Trim any excess fabric and then hemn the top of the stocking 1/2-1 inch. Flip the fabric outside in and you now have a easy breezy holiday stocking!

Watch the video for more info:

Happy Holidays!


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