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DIY Christmas Holiday Stocking Rack I Small Spaces and Places (No Fireplace)


We live in a small apartment and yet we expect Santa to grace us with his presence and presents this Christmas holiday.

Step #1 is to hang up your Christmas stocking and remember to be nice because we had better watch out, right.

“Record skips”, note to self… we dont have a chimney or hooks to hang our stockings up…

I could just tack them to the wall but then when Santa “stuffs” them they will likely fall on the floor. What is a crafty mom to do?


A Christmas Stocking Rack!


1 foot long wooden wall plank ( found at Joann fabrics for 5.99$)

3 contrasting paint colors ( 2$ each)

4-5 Curved cup hooks

2 saw tooth brackets

Clear top coat spray paint



Add 2-3 coats of base color onto wood plank (I chose red), let dry for 20 minutes.


Add stitching design around perimeter of the wood plank in a contrasting color, let dry for 20 minutes.


Add your design, phrase, family name to the wood plank and any glitter or other finishing touches. Spray with clear top coat spray paint, let dry for 20 minutes.


Next apply your sawtooth brackets to the back of your plank board. Flip over the plank board and install the curved cup hooks, be sure to account for space of each stocking that will hang.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Watch the video for more details:


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