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DIY Sweater Poncho I Fall & Winter Beginner Sewing


It has been getting colder lately, and I love being cuddled in a blanket in my free time. One day last week while I sat blanketed on the couch and I realized I had been scheduled for my internship on the following day. I thought about if I could maybe sneak my blanket into the office. Who would notice, right?

Question of the day:

Is there a way to walk around in a “covert” blanket in a professional setting….yes, wear a poncho!

I made this super chic poncho out of sweater material and wore it to my internship the next day. I received several compliments from co-workers as well, which felt oh so awesome.

How to Rock it:

I wore my lovely poncho with my black slacks and a white long sleeve in the office. For the weekend, I would wear my poncho with red skinny jeans and black knee high boots.

This is one of the easiest DIY sewing projects I have done this year!


Fold your sweater fabric double, I used 2 yards, with plenty left over to make a matching Pom-pom beanie. The crease of the fabric should be on the right side.


Take the left corner of the fabric and create a triangle by matching the corner to overlap with the right edge of the fabric.


Fold the left side of the fabric again to make the triangle twice as small, folding the same way as the first triangle fold.


Next trim in a curved shape around the bottom of the triangle.


Open the fabric back to the double fold and trim any hard edges to make a circular shape.


Pin and sew the straight side of the poncho. Then layer the the poncho over your shoulders to determine how big the opening should be for your head to fit through. Pin the point where you want the fabric to close leaving space for your ponchos collar.


Pin and sew the fabric in an overlapping style from the “v” point of your collar down to the bottom of the poncho. Next, hemn the bottom of your poncho and you are now ready for blanket wearing outside the house! 🙂

Watch the video for more details:



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