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Dolman Sweater DIY I Fall and Winter Beginner Sewing

dohlman fin

It is still cold out and my closet feels very empty, so it was time to create another Winter/ Fall essential item; The Dolman Sweater. This Dolman Sweater is very cute and for more of a casual Friday.

I would wear this to my internship with skinny pants and a white button down under the sweater to give a “sweater vesty” look, or on the weekend with jeans and ankle booties. Then it’s time to cat walk…no?


I started with 11/2 yards of lightweight sweater fabric folded double.


I then grabbed a loose fitting sweater to layer over the fabric to create the template. Make sure the crease of the fabric is at the top and the bottom should be open. Cut around the sweater, use the template sweater to cut a hole for your neck line. **Be sure to cut the sleeves in a tapered cut, so the arms of the sweater aren’t belled or baggy (I learned this as I worked). Pin the bottom of the sleeves (front of sweater to back of sweater) and the sides of the sweater and sew.


Decide how high you want the waist band to be, cut straight across. Fold the bottom waistband in half. Flip upside down, pin where the inside of the band is overlapping with the print side (bottom) of the sweater and sew.


And the mission is complete, a nice sassy dolman style sweater!

Watch the video for more info:


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