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Plaid Palazzo/ Gaucho Capri DIY I Fall & Winter Beginner Sewing


I wanted more plaid in my life for my for my internship wardrobe. I had a brainstorm that suggested palazzo pants as a solution. I was short on plaid fabric so, I opted to make a pair of palazzo capri’s until I could get enough time and fabric to make a pair of wide leg palazzo trousers (stay tuned for a near future DIY).

How to Rock Them:

I would wear these wide leg palazzo capri’s with a white button down shirt and a jean jacket. They look great with my grey ankle booties! Or if I want to jazz them up for the weekend, I will pair them with a graphic tee and a sleek knee high boot.



Fold a 1 1/2 yards of plaid fabric double.


Grab a pair of fitted slacks, layer slacks over the plaid fabric crotch side out. Cut around the silhouette, then with one hand holding the other end of the slacks in place, flip the slacks over so the crotch is now facing the opposite side on the plaid fabric. This will help your capri’s to be the correct size. Cut the other side of your capri’s silhouette. Be sure to cut an extra 1-2 inches off of ONE of the crotch curves to create a font side to your palazzo’s. Sew just the curves of the crotch on both sides of your plaid capris.


Open your pants and the legs of your pants can be revealed. Pin the front and back at the crotch of capri’s and then pin the remaining front of the capri legs to the back of the capri legs and sew. Hemn the bottom of the capri palazzo’s.


Measure a piece of elastic to match the size of your hips by wrapping it around your hips. Fold back the opening of your palazzo’s 1-2 inches and sew leaving an inch opening to insert the waistband. Grab a safety pin, attach to one end of the elastic and insert into pants. Feed the safety pin through to exit out the other side of the waistband. Now sew the elastic band ends together. Then sew the opening of the waistband hemn closed. Now you are ready to enjoy a sassy pair of capri palazzo’s.


Watch the video for more info:


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