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DIY Incense Sticks Ft. Pumpkin Spice and Dark Chocolate Scents


So by now, you may know that I practice Meditation for my health and wellness. Incense aromatherapy really helps me focus while practicing. I wanted to make some unconventional incense scents to enjoy as well as some unique incense I could send off in the mail to my far away friends and relatives for the holidays and upcoming birthdays.

Making these Pumpkin Spice & Dark Chocolate Incense were very simple. I selected unscented incense sticks from the link below. I also used fragrance oils from

Incense sticks:

Fragrance oils:



Fragrance oil(s)

Unscented incense sticks

Zip lock bag ( large)



Determine your scents and how many incense sticks you want to make.

Label your zip lock bags with each scent you want to create.


Trim the incense stems to fit inside the zip lock bags.

Pour the fragrance oil over the incense avoiding the incense stem. Make sure all of the sticks absorb the fragrance oil and are thoroughly coated.


Use a tall glass cup and place your incense sticks inside stem side down. Let the sticks air dry overnight, then re-coat the incense in the remaining fragrance oils. *For highest fragrance pay off, let the sticks cure for 1 week before using. Enjoy!


Watch the video for more details:


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