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DIY Palazzo Pants I Easy Beginner Sewing


I love palazzo pants, they look so jazzy and retro. I made a pair of plaid palazzo pants for my business casual adventures as well as getting all boho chic on my weekends. These were quite easy to make and just to add a little extra jazz, I added  front pleats. The easiest sewing adventure evar!

I used 2.5 Yards of fabric for this project.



Layer a pair of pants over fabric with the crotch side facing outwards (creates a template). Cut one side to create a the shape on the fabric. Next flip the the template pants from one end point to get the template for the other side of the fabric, then cut.


Cut one inch off of the slope of the crotch to create the front of your palazzo pants.

Sew just the curves of the crotch on each side of your double folded fabric (sew the top fabric to the bottom fabric). Do not sew the legs just yet. After sewing just the crotch curves, open your pants to reveal the legs of your palazzos. Pin and sew.


Fold your pants down at the waist to create a waistband, leave an inch opening to insert the elastic band. Pin and sew.


Wrap the elastic around your waist and cut to fit. Attach a safety pin to one end and feed the elastic through to the other side of the waistband. Then sew both ends of the elastic band together.

DSCN1430 DSCN1453

Hemn the legs of your palazzo pants, or if you want to add the front pleats, crease your pants with and iron then pin and sew 1/4 inch seam. Enjoy!

Watch the video for more details:


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