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DIY Sports Bra I Easy Beginner Sewing


January cometh for alllll…bwa ha ha ha haaaa.

And that means we are moving out of our holiday comfort food phase and adjusting to the cold weather to beat hibernation/ fitness negligence. I am of course referring to myself.

Ok, so I made a sports bra to gear up for January and some of my fitness goals for 2015. It was rather simple and fun. I love the bright vibrant pink color fabric and I have done a few trips to the gym in this custom sports bra, all this to say it works and passes the jiggle test.

I used 1 yard of Jersey performance fabric for this project (less was needed).


DSCN1442 DSCN1443

Fold the fabric double, then fold again to create a quadruple fold.

Layer a bra or sports bra over the fabric and cut around the bra template.


There should be 4 sports bra fabric shape templates. Match them in sets of two. Pin and sew around the sides, shoulders and tops leaving the bottom open.


This leaves you with two sports bra sides, the front and back. Flip them outside out.

Match the front and back together, pin and sew the top of the shoulders and the sides of the bust.


Flip the sports bra outside out, cut the bottom of the sports bra to clean up the lines of the silhouette. Trim any excess fabric and your all done. Go be a fit-nista! Enjoy.

Watch the video for more detail:


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