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DIY Yoga Pants I Easy Beginner Sew


I LOVE yoga pants. They are cozy, warm, awesome and jammy like. I wanted to make some of my very own and had some performance fabric left to create with. I have worn these to the gym and the sauna. I will say they are sweat reducing but not sweat proof. Hey, who knows… I imagine this may be the year to pick up yoga.

So for these pants I used 1.5 yards of performance fabric with a nice amount of scrap fabric left over.

So let us begin!

Start with your fabric inside out folded double.


Next grab a pair of fitted tights or athletic pants, layer them over the performance fabric with the crotch side facing out. Cut around the left side of the template pants.


Then gently hold the right side of your pants in place as you flip them over to the other side to create a template for the other side of your pants. The crotch side should now be on the opposite side of the performance fabric, cut out the right side of your pants. Next, cut 1 inch off of one of the slopes of your pants to create the crotch of your yoga pants.

DSCN1483 DSCN1484

Next pin and sew just the curves of your yoga pants. Be sure to use the zig zag stitch for this material for best results. This will connect the two pieces of fabric together creating a left and right side to your pants. Once the curves are sewn, open your pants to reveal the legs of the yoga pants. Pin and sew.

DSCN1485 DSCN1486

I actually decided that I wanted a legging style yoga pant, so I grabbed some tights to alter the silhouette. At this point your yoga pants are almost finished. Now lets make the waistband.

I found an old dress that I just never really wore. I cut off the top portion. Then cut the remaining fabric in half horizontally. But in general you can use any stretch fabric of your choice, 20 inches in height by whatever the length of your waist happens to be to get the desired result.

DSCN1487 DSCN1488

Next, layer the front and back pieces over each other. Pin and sew just the sides. Next fold down the waistband in half and it is ready to be attached to the leggings.

DSCN1489 DSCN1491

Now use the raw edge of the waistband and match it with the raw edge of the leggings.  The edges of the fabric should be parallel aka kissing. Pin and sew.

DSCN1493 DSCN1492

Flip your pants outside out and enjoy, they are ready for wear.

Watch the video for more detail:


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