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DIY No Slip Fitness Headband Ft. Cat Ears I Easy Beginner Sewing

cat ear band

I made a fitness headband!

Q: What’s the difference between a fitness headband and a regular headband?

A: A fitness headband will aid functionally in exercise practice. The headband pictured keeps ears warm for morning/ evening runs, also secures earbuds for listening to music for working out and finally, keeping hair out of your face for optimal fitness excellence and focus.


Use performance stretch fabric (found mine at Joann’s).  Fold the fabric double. The height should be 8 inches and the length should be the circumference of your head. Place the fabric around your head to determine the length.

DSCN1531 DSCN1532

Fold the fabric in half horizontally. Pin and sew just the top. This creates a long tube. Flip the raw side of the fabric inside in. Remeasure the desired length and “snung-ness” by wrapping the fabric around your head, and cut off any excess fabric. Pin and sew the left and right edge of the headband together. This completes the headband minus the cat ears.

DSCN1533 DSCN1543

To make cat ears, I folded a piece of paper into a triangle. I layered the cat ear template over leopard print scrap fabric. Cut out the cat ears. Use the fabric glue to place the cat ears, allow to dry for one hour. Then sew the ears, slowly and carefully on to the headband.

DSCN1535    DSCN1537

Next add silver studs to the bottom portion of the headband to create a nice frame for your cat ears. And the headband id finished! Enjoy!


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