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DIY Running Belt I Easy Beginner Sewing

running belt

I made a running belt. I have worn it for jogging on the treadmill, and for doing chores at home. I admit to listening to music on my phone while doing chores at home. I don’t care who knows, it’s the best!  Hands free is the goal right.

I personally could not bring myself to buy a flip band or a running belt that may not come in the color or style that I would want. I noticed most of the available options online come with dual colors, black and a secondary color. Not my style, I wanted something brighter with no black on it.

I love the way my running belt turned out awesome and works like a charm, not to mention there is no zipper to insert!


Start with a piece of performance fabric, print or solid.  The height the running belt is most important. I went with 16 inches in height. I determined the with of my belt by wrapping the fabric around my waist. I made sure to tug the fabric to make sure the fit would be snug and secure.


Next, fold the top half of the fabric half way down to reach the mid point of the fabric. Next fold the bottom half of the fabric half way up to reach the mid point of the fabric. The height of the fabric should now be about 8 inches.


Then repeat the previous steps, fold the fabric again (top and bottom). I suggest bringing the bottom fold up 3/4’s of the way and the top fold halfway down. This creates a hidden pocket/ pouch.


Next, grab your cell phone and decide placement. I placed my phone in the center of the running belt. Pin the sides of the cell phone as close as possible. Sew the sides.


Once the cell phone pocket is complete. Next flip over the top and bottom edges  of the running belt and sew them together to complete the running belt.

DSCN1524 DSCN1523

Now your belt is complete. I wanted to decorate mine a bit more so, I grabbed some fabric paint, and lace.



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  1. Peggy Gibs says

    I just made your DYI fitness belt for my iPhone. Thanks for the tutorial. It was easy to follow and is perfect for using my phone for my walking/step counting. And the best part, it only cost $2.00 for the fabric. Thanks so much. Peggy

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  2. Reyna says

    I love this! What type of fabric did you use? Also, did you you use one whole round piece like an infinity scarf or did you sew up both sides? I can’t quite tell.


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