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Self Care Rituals (Favorite 5) Emotional Wellness

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Let’s all just pause and take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale and think about all that has been right within this very moment. I can’t help but smile. Life is so hard sometimes but taking pause to reflect is an opportunity stuffed with awesome.

So, let’s talk self care. I love to squeeze a little into several points of my day. I am juggling so many different tasks throughout any given day with being a mom, wife, student, employee, and to be my best at those many hats; I just self care care it on out.

So my favorite  5 self care rituals are situational- based on the winter and time I can spare but here they are for you to trial to your own delight. Blessings to you all. 🙂

1. Meditation- I do this generally in my care before going into my internship. Before going into the office, a meditation break helps me feel like I can give my best to my co-workers and clients.

2. Exercise- I work 3-4 times per week. this helps me feel like I will be lighter on my feet and mentally sharper to juggle all of the work, plans and tasks that I want to accomplish on a weekly basis.

3. Sauna- I call the sauna my second church. I love it like air. Be sure to hydrate before and after or else you will might just faint… Learned this the hard way.

4. Reading- I only can manage 10 minutes a day. i love to read self help and fiction. Currently reading Amy Pohler’s “Yes, Please”.

5. Music-I listen to positive and uplifting music. I listen to my favorite songs throughout the day to keep the messgae fresh in my mind. My current favorite song is Janelle Monae’s “Victory”, and Mary J. Blidges “Beautiful Day”.

What are your favorite Self Care Rituals?

Watch the video for more details:


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