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Milk Bath Soak For Stress Relief and Detox


Soak it in. Seriously, what is more relaxing than taking a nice, hot, aromatic bath and having some time to unwind. I have just the ticket for you, try this awesome recipe for a milk bath soak for stress relief and detox. The coolest thing about the soak is, it’s packed with natural skin softening agents, and loaded with soothing and calming aromatherapy with the extra benefit of detox for your body and mind. 🙂

The recipe is simple:

4C. Dry Milk

1C. Cornstarch

1C. Baking Soda

1C. Powdered Honey

10 Packets of black tea

60-80 drops of essential oil

Directions: pour all solids into bowl, mix and blend. Once the moisture is consistent add essential oil, mix and blend. Store in airtight container. Shelf life is one year.

* At bath time add 1/2 C Olive Oil to your bath to boost moisture retention and to upgrade your recipe consider using powdered goats milk for a very luxurious experience.


How do you like to relax?

Watch the video for more info:


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