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Turning 30, 31 Goals and The Journey

30's cover

I am 29. I feel like I’m 29. I’m turning 30 and I feel like I’m on track with goals and accomplishments at other times I look at turning 30 with anxiety because I expected to have x, y, z done by now.

So, in order to focus and enjoy the process I have opted to do the 30 before 30 challenge with a slight twist. I’m going to do 31 goals all before the day I actually turn 31, which means I will have done all 31 goals while in my 30th year. I am so tempted to add “Learn to properly hoola hoop” but that would make 32 goals. :?/

The Goal List:

1. Perfect my Cat Eye (Makeup)

2. Perfect Eyeshadow Method

3. Learn how to apply False Eyelashes

4. Make a 10 Minute Cardio Video for my YouTube Channel

5. Fast for 1 day

6. Meditation Retreat

7. Complete my MSW (May 2015)

8. Start a successful book club

9. Go to New York

10. See Wendy Williams Live

11. Go Paleo for 1 month

12. Be more social- Weekly social activities 1 month says the introvert

13. Wood etching

14. Garden successfully- 4 months

15. Perfect vegan cupcakes

16. Join organization for empowerment of others

17. Volunteer once or twice a year

18. Make my art group successful

19. Make moccasins

20. Do a 10K or half marathon

21. Go visit Portland, Oregon

22. Take an African Dance class (3)

23. 12 sessions of yoga in the studio/ gym

24. Get Esthetician licensee

25. Wall mural

26. Master my Vegan Custard

27. Compete in fitness competition

28. Participate in a soaping workshop

29. Learn to take a proper selfie

30. Learn to take quality food pictures

31. Learn to take quality product pictures

I will be sharing updates on my youtube channel “Crafts & Glory”and documenting my progress there as I accomplish all the goals.

What are your goals before your next birthday?

Watch the video for more info:


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