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Winter Wash Day Routine + Staple Wash Day Products

winter wash day

Winter is the worst for my curly hair and I will not lie, I am all into the low maintenance life. I will not spend hours on my hair, generally I max out on the “fun factor” after 20 minutes. Here is my super simple yet effective routine. This routine has gotten me through the winter and …If I wanted to have even shinier hair I could do the mid week conditioning too. But hey, let’s just be honest, once a week is my version of routine. Like you may hear me say here and there throughout my last year of graduate school, school is kicking my butt.

The routines steps:

Shampoo- Weekly shampoo with sulfate free shampoo. I focus mainly on my scalp and not my ends.


Conditioner- I always add 1/2 C. to 1 C. of Olive Oil to the conditioner to make sure I get extra moisture in my hair. I condition my hair while showering to make sure my hair shafts are open to enjoy all of the moisture.


Deep Conditioner- I use a cholesterol and it rocks because it only takes 4 minutes. And that is my favorite part of saving time. I can deep condition all while showering (Hello flex time).


Once I towel off I use a shirt to towel dry my hair. Then I use my favorite blend of oils to do a two minute scalp massage before styling. The world is mine by this point.


* I am in the market for a spring and summer conditioner, Please share any of your favorites below.

Check out the recipe for my oil blend below:


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