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DIY Mason Jar Organizer With Shelf Attachment Home Decor

mason cover

I made a lovely Mason Jar shelf organizer with a shelf attachment. I wanted one for a little while, and then realized it was oh, so affordable to make. I shopped very smart at home depot, they have discount wood counter, where the scrap wood is marked down 70-75% off everyday. Let the DIY begin!

Ok, so you will need:


Wood base board (whatever size you like) I used 2×1 wood plank board

Small wood plank board 2 in x 10 in, 1 inch in depth

2 L hooks with screws

2 hose clamps

2 mason Jars

3 Sawtooth brackets

Spray Paint

Painting Tarp


Determine placement for the shelf part of your organizer on the base board. I placed mine on the left side of my organizer. Place your L brackets at one end and screw them into the shelf plank board (as pictured).


Then flip the board over to drill in the other set of screws. You now have the shelf unit with a few more steps to go.


Next spray paint the unit. Let the unit dry for 10 minutes. Be sure to grab your painters tarp and spray paint in a well ventilated area. Next, measure the mason jars in the hose clamps to determine the correct fit. Be sure to use hose clamps that have slits going almost the full circumference of the clamp.


Next flip your baseboard over and place your saw tooth brackets at the top. I used three, to secure my Mason Jar organizer.

At this point you want to drill a hole into the inside back of the hose clamps. Then attach the hose clamps with a screw to the base board, this will likely be the hardest part of this project.


Now your Mason Jar Organizer is complete! I love adding fresh flowers every week to the mason jars, and this organizer is the amazing in my meditation space.


How would you use your organizer?

Watch the video below for more info:


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