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DIY Natural Hair Clip Ins/ Extensions ( 4B/4C Tapered TWA)


I am at a cross road in my life. I love my short hair and want to keep life simple but my haircut is growing out and I am getting to the gray transition style area of needing to cut it or perhaps allow my bangs to grow into a new style. I know this is quite the first world problem, but let’s talk beauty for a brief spell.

So, instead of just growing bangs, I thought extensions or clip ins could be a great way to road test a potential new look for my current hair cut. I made super easy clip ins/ extensions.

Here are 7 Reasons the clip in idea is excellent:

1. They match my texture

2. The color is a match

3. They are easy to install

4. They are easy to uninstall

5. They are reusable

6. They are affordable

7. They are fun

So, by now you may be curious on how to make these “mysterious” clip ins, lucky you; I have a video below that gives you the step by step process and a demo of the install process. Watch the party as it happens.

Comment below with any questions, or hair transition stories or tips. Let’s share knowledge. 🙂


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