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DIY Facial Cleanser Recipe I All Natural Ingredients


I love incorporating as many natural products into my skin care routine as possible. Over the last several years, my knowledge of how the different natural oils work on skin has grown and I have been getting compliments about my glowing skin. This great considering I have super oily skin and a history of terrible acne.

Quick sidebar, Skin cleanser on average is 8-10$ and the natural skin care products are usually double the cost. This skin cleanser is super affordable and has a shelf life of one month.

So let’s start with the regimen of this facial cleanser:

I use this in the morning and the evening. I love the way my skin feels soft and moisturized after cleansing.

The Ingredients:

1 C. Distilled Water

1/3 C. Castille Liquid Soap (Dr. Bonner’s peppermint give a nice cooling tingle)

1/4 C. Grapeseed Oil

2 Tbsp. Organic Honey

10 drops Tea Tree Oil

10 drops Rosewater Concentrate

2 Vitamin E capsules

What are the benefits of the listed ingredients?

Distilled Water- The water is free of excessive toxins and detergents that may be found in tap water.

Castille Liquid Soap- All natural soap, made with quality healthy skin friendly oils.

Grapeseed Oil- Fast absorption, light weight and noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores). This oil is also great for oily skin.

Organic Honey- Great for moisture retention and bacteria fighting properties.

Tea Tree Oil- Great for acne management and has bacteria fighting properties.

Rosewater Concentrate- Creates a beautiful glow for skin, moisturizes and softens skin (fine line/ wrinkle support).

Vitamin E capsules- Encourages skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation and anti aging support.

Let me know in the comments below, what are some skin care products that you would love to see in a future DIY.




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