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DIY Mural for Small Spaces & Places I Beginner Crafting


I have a bit of a mural obsession. I really love the idea of grand art pieces that fill a space from the ceiling to the floor. I am a big admirer. Murals make me smile, murals leave me with child like wonder, and murals give me inspiration. All this to say, I wanted a mural for my cozy little apartment. I thought about how to make a mural for my cozy little apartment considering that I could not paint the actual walls (we are currently renting). So what to do? Below, I will show you how I created a beautiful sunrise piece mural.

What is a piece mural?

A mural that is several small images that combine to create one large cohesive artistic image.

What you will need:

Canvases Enough to fill a wall space from ceiling to floor (I used 9 canvases)

Base color spray paint (I used blue)

Secondary paint color (I used yellow)

2 Accent color acrylic paints (I used orange and white)

Sharpie marker

Masking tape

Paper to sketch




Determine what wall you would like to place your mural. Wash the wall with light soap and water. Once the wall is dry take all of your canvases to the wall to determine placement. It took me a while to get my spacing figured out. You want to be sure to make sure all of the canvases hang in proportion.


Once you feel satisfied with the canvases all hanging in proportion, stop and take a quick picture, or create a quick sketch of the walls layout. I also marked the back of each picture by their row placement. Next, use your masking tape to cover the the white edge of each canvas. This helps keep all of the paint just on the front face of the canvas and will provide a neater finished look.


Now, the fun part. Take all of your canvases to well ventilated area and apply your base color spray paint to all of the canvases. I spray painted very lightly to create a water color cloud effect. Once your base pint is dry layer on the secondary color, I gently sponged yellow over each canvas to maintain the water color effect.


Next I layered my orange acrylic paint onto each canvas creating abstract lines and shapes. Then I added a nice shadow effect with the white accent acrylic paint to create depth.


Once the paint dried, I reassembled all of my canvases in order on the floor. I traced a simple sketch of a sunrise onto a piece of paper , then slowly and carefully sketched the image on to my piece mural canvases with a pencil.


Next I went over the sketch with a sharpie marker, adding finishing touches and details to complete the piece mural to my liking. Next, I hung the piece mural up on my wall. And, voila; my piece mural is complete!

What image would you put on a mural? Comment below.

Watch the video for more info:


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