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DIY Lipstick Inspired by NYX Wicked Lipstick Collection


I have been coveting the NYX Wicked lipstick collection for some time. I also had been shy on purchasing the collection. I wanted several of the colors and could not bring myself to pay the final price point, not to mention the shipping. No ma’am! This love of the NYX collection had gone on for months.

I was recently watching a technique to make lipstick using Crayola coloring crayons and a light bulb went off. I thought “I can try to recreate some of the NYX Wicked Lipsticks I have been drooling over”and the rest is history!

* It is very important that you use Crayola non toxic coloring crayons, or other organic coloring crayons. Crayola coloring crayons may be easiest to find.


The lipsticks were so easy to make. Be sure to tell me in the comments below, which color is your favorite.

wicked mini collage


Crayola Coloring Crayons (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Gray & Purple)

Coconut Oil

Chapstick Tubes

Popsicle Sticks

Aluminum Foil

Muffin Tin Baking Tray



Preheat your oven to 245 degrees. Line each muffin tin with aluminum foil (create a cup with the foil to hold your mixture). Peel the paper wrapper off of each Crayola coloring crayon. Break each crayon into 4-5 pieces. Place each color in it’s own muffin tin over the aluminum foil. At this point you can also mix two colors together if you want to create a blended color I recommend adding (30-40 %) metallic copper, metallic gold or metallic silver if you want to get closer to the true NYX Wicked lipstick colors. Next, add one teaspoon of coconut oil to each muffin tin with each broken crayon. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Once the crayons have finished melting  remove them from the oven. Stir each melted color with the Popsicle sticks until the coconut oil is blended and pour carefully into each Chapstick tube. Allow the lipsticks to cool for an hour before use. Enjoy!

Watch the video below for more info:


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