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DIY All Natural Solid Deodorant -Melt Proof Recipe!

I love using and making my own natural deodorant. I used to live for the store brands and then I realized that there was a developing discoloration occurring on my underarms where I applied my deodorant. This left me with questions. Question 1. What is in store brand deodorant? The big scary ingredient I found in most store band deodorant is called Aluminum Zirconium. I don’t want aluminum to be absorbed into my skin. I want to understand and pronounce all of my skin care products. I am on a slow and steady mission to create and utilize all natural products from my own research and practical family use.

I decided to master the all natural solid deodorant mainly because I have made all natural deodorant pastes and such in the past but, I hated having the residue on my hands.

This recipe has been tested by myself and my husband. We both passed the odor test. The one caveat is that natural deodorant does not reduce actual sweat. I like to appreciate this fact because our skin sweats with the intention to regulate our body. I want to keep my body as consistent as I can get it!

Ok, enough about me. Here is the easy peasy recipe:


1/2 C. Babassu Oil (or other solid oil ex. shea butter, coco butter)

1 1/4 C. Baking Soda

1 C. Corn Starch

2 Vitamin E tablets

Rosewater Concentrate

Rosehip Oil

1 Tsp. Bees Wax


Take the baking soda and corn starch and sift in one mixing bowl. Next combine your babassu oil, rosehip oil and bees wax and melt over a double boiler or in the microwave. Then take the melted oil mixture, add in the vitamin E capsule liquid and the rosewater concentrate (10 drops) blend. Next, and in the corn starch and baking powder mixture. Mix until all ingredients combine then refrigerate for 5 minutes for in order for the mixture to thicken. Then take the mixture and pour into molds. Refrigerate your molds for 10-20 minutes and then you are all set to enjoy! The recipe makes enough for 3 large deodorants.

Please give this a try and share any alterations you choose to make it your own.

Be sure to find me on Instagram @ craftsandglory

Watch the video below for more info:


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