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Vintage Inspired High Waist Retro Bikini Swimsuit DIY

So summer is coming soon. I recently looked through my collection of long lost bits and pieces of swimming suits from previous years and realized none of them were swoon worthy and or did not fit my fashionable mom status.

So like any good sewing connoisseur, I thought; it’s high time I make the perfect swimsuit, and save myself the shopping and try on struggle. I knew 3 main things when I drafted my suit.


#1. I want high waist  boy short bottoms to help me feel more confident about baring my midriff after birthing 2 rather large kids and having a umbilical hernia surgery (from baby #2), which left me with a vertical scar above my belly button, not to mention stretch marks. Motherhood honesty yall.

#2. I want a simple and easy breezy bandeau top to have a simple pull over top, I just think they are retro and style savvy.

#3. I want the bottoms to be a solid color that I can pair with multiple bikini tops, so I can keep my options open for more swimsuit innovations over the summer season.

From this collection of criteria, I drafted my first ever swimsuit, with no pattern mind you.

I did a couple things to make this project easier on myself. I bought a bandeau top and a pair of boy shorts to make the templates for the suit.

Watch the video below for the simple method to create a vintage inspired high waist retro bikini swimsuit.

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