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Product Review & Demo: Colored Clay CC Primer (WOC: Deep Tone)

I am on a primer journey and wanted to share it with you. I recently tossed out a majority of my beauty cosmetics. I felt like I was getting a little “too” into collecting cosmetics at the drug store and online and it was getting a wee bit ridiculous.

I could not justify to myself having so many cosmetic products that I rarely use, but for whims and special occasions. I may indeed be heading down the path of cosmetic and minimal lifestyle. I’m thinking about where I can simplify the clutter in my life and makeup is an easy category.


I am on the hunt to only keep staples in my cosmetic stash going forward, and I want those staples to be natural, vegan and cruelty free and somehow completely effective in their claims. This is a tricky tight rope.

Generally the products that I have found to be true to their claims have been far and few in between. I actually dont have many products that I think are glorious.

I started looking on back in January for vegan cosmetics, but the products I purchased did not work for me. So the search continued. Hello Tarte.


 The review: My skin time is Combination Oily

1. The CC stick is meant to be a primer- I found it did not hold up as a primer independently. Even with setting spray my T-zone became oily within 5 hours time.

2. The CC stick can also be worn alone- I found that after applying the CC stick, my own complexion appeared washed out.

3. The CC stick can be worn with foundation- I found that liquid foundation offered the best results. When I used cream/ powder foundation, I had the dreaded “cake face” effect.

4. The consistency of the CC stick is very oily and a little goes a long way. I wonder if there is a better option via Tarte cosmetics for oily skin, if so I will be pursuing that in the future.

5. I do like that the product has more of a natural base of ingredients and is certified as vegan and cruelty free.

FINAL: I would not repurchase the product. I will use it until I run out on account of the cost (retail 34$) but once it’s gone, I will be looking for something that is a better fit for my unique skin picture.

I hope this review is helpful, please be sure to watch the video below to see the demo:


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