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How To: Blend A Half Wig With A Tapered TWA

I missed my standard ponytail from my pre -TWA days. I love my short hair but, I have been bored with my wash and go’s and have not made enough time to try out new styles. I have several styles on my “to-try” list but I am tired from the juggle of family, school, business and self.

So, off to my local beauty supply store. I found myself a curly half wig. I was on the hunt for dark red hair to match the color of my own 4C natural hair for a nice blend out.

I found one after several strolls  through a few of the local beauty supply shops.


So, lets talk application and blend out:

Application: I braided my hair in a cornrow and twist down mash up to make sure the half wig would lay flat against my scalp. I left out about an inch and a half of hair in the front  of my hair line to braid down to mimic the texture of the half wig’s curls. After applying my wig cap, I applied the half wig. There is a comb in the front and back of the half wig.

Maintenance: I plan to keep the half wig protective style in for a month, with a weekly deep condition and daily moisturizing on my hair under the wig. After 4 weeks I will take my hair down and let my hair breath for a week in one of my “to-try” hair bucket list styles. And then phase 2 will begin. Another 4 weeks of proactive styling! Who hooo! Bring it Summer!

Watch the video below for the Demo:


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