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#DGIJ Daily Glory In June! (What? Why? Who?)

Hi Friends!

What: I am super excited and I admit a little nervous. I have decided to challenge myself in a new way. I plan to Blog and Vlog (video log) every day in June! This is exciting. I have never done a 30 day simultaneous challenge like this before. Usually, I don’t even know when they are going on until later. Everyone is in on it, but I usually miss the “30 day challenge boats”. All the more reason to set my own trends.

My content will include: Meditations, recipes, craft DIY’s, celebrity sewing tutorials, book reviews, beauty tutorials, beauty product reviews, family vlogs, couples tags, natural bath and body DIY’s, natural hair tutorials, fitness hacks and challenges and more!

June 1st, is the big kick off. That means tomorrow. Day 1 of DGIJ will begin.


Why: Some reasons I decided to do this challenge:

-I was informed I missed the “application” deadline to graduate from college until August. (That means no career searching until I can confirm my degree. I am in an interesting waiting period and I need to make the most of it.

-I have over 55 content ideas that I have been holding hostage over the course of the school year. So many creative things to share, I want to get them out of my head and out to all my e-friends. I need to purge them to make room for new creative ideas. I want to purge these gems!

-I want to get serious about updating the layout of my website, I think daily blogging will help me to finish the vision, as I will be reminded daily.

-My husband really championed for me to give this challenge my all, I was hypothetically talking about the idea with him. He’s my favorite cheer leader.

-The content includes bedroom makeovers, and our house (apartment) is still on the road to becoming our home (great incentive).

Who: I am taking on DGIJ but invite any bloggers, vloggers and other creatives to participate. Anyone in general, I encourage you to consider doing something that will be challenging yet exciting for 30 days. Let’s party all month long!



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