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DIY: Reusable Cotton Rounds -My Makeup Removing Secret! #DGIJ Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 #DGIJ Daily Glory in June!

For my makeup wearing days; I have found a better way to completely remove it at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I like using the makeup wipes, but they can be expensive, they will need to be repurchased on a consistent bases, then I drive to purchase them, wait in line and so on. I was never fully on the makeup wipe remover train.


I like finding ways to save money and spend less time. Making and using reusable cotton rounds has been a super win! I made a batch a month ago, they work really well. They cost about 4 dollars to make and I can reuse them over and over. The texture of the flannel cotton fabric is textured enough to really buff all of my makeup back off at the end of the day.


My skin feels cleaner and my breakouts are under control. I use these cotton rounds with an all natural makeup remover and the combination has proven great results.


Care instructions: I store all of my reusable cotton rounds in a small mason jar next to my makeup. When they are used, I put them in out with the laundry. A tip to help, pre soak your used cotton rounds in hot water and gentle shampoo to lift the makeup from the rounds, wring all of the water back off of the cotton rounds before mixing them with your laundry. I have washed my cotton rounds with my clothes several times and everything has been peachy and stain free. Enjoy!

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