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Yes Please By Amy Poehler : “Empowerment” Book Review #DGIJ D5

Hi Friends, welcome to day five of DGIJ Daily Glory in June!

I love books! I love to read. I also love listening to books on tape or on audible.com. I can finally read “non-school related” text, now that my school adventure is wrapping up. Via audibles.com, I have listened to Yes Please at least three times, and I really enjoyed the book.


On my blog and youtube channel I will reintroduce book reviews. All of my reviews will be selected based on the content being useful to individual empowerment.

5 reasons the Yes Please book was enjoyable and empowering:


1. Amy talks about Demons of self depreciation. We all have an inner voice inside of us telling us that we aren’t good, smart, important, or pretty enough. In the book she talks about how she deals with that inner negative voice and how she is able to be confident while managing her inner negative voice.

2. In the book there is a great story regrading accountability. Amy walks us through an experience where it was difficult to accept ownership for a mistake she made causing offense to some members of her audience for a SNL skit. It took her years to make amends with the people she effected. I appreciate that she admits to knowing in her core that she had done something harmful. It takes more courage to admit your wrong than to admit you are right. Even though it took time for her to reach out, and make things right, she did.

3. Good for you, Not for me. In the book Amy shares the importance of owning your life experience and preference. All the while respecting that there is more that one way that life can be lived and your way is not the best or worst, it’s just yours.

4. Amy describes her experience with motherhood as an important and interesting journey in the book. She has two boys and I just love how she talks about them and how precious they are to her. This hits my heart strings, because I have two little boys and could relate to her experience. Tears may have been shed as I listened to her talk about her motherhood experience.

5. Personality, Amy’s personality and sense of humor shine in this book. She comes across as authentic, honest, reflective and progressive. I appreciate this book as it gives a better glimpse into her personal growth as well as the areas in her life she does not feel are fully resolved.

All in all, I liked this book, it would be a great read for summer or the beach.

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