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DIY: Boho Pom Pom Tube Top Shirt #DGIJ D-7

Hi Frieeeeeends!

Welcome to day 7 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ!

Today we are making a simple Boho Pom Pom Tube Top Shirt. I have a few picnic and summer barbecue invitations pending and I want to be stylish while being completely comfy. Being an extreme foodie, I like to eat. When I go to picnics and barbecues, I treat them as a cheat day and eat whatever I want; no questions or regrets. I’m pretty healthy in general, so I feel no pangs of indecision about my picnic and barbecue etiquette rules.

So being that I eat what I like when there is a potluck advantage, I like to wear lose fitting tops and dresses. I don’t want to look bloated, full, or pregnant while having my sweet and savory good time.


Let’s make a Boho Pom Pom Tube Tops shirt!

For this top I used 1.5 yards of non stretch fabric. Start by folding your fabric double. We are going to first make the pom pom portion of our tube top. Layer a fitted t-shirt over the fabric. Cut a long strip of fabric double the width of your chest with and add an extra 2 inches to account for seam allowance. The strip of fabric should have have enough height to extend to your rib cage. The height of my pom pom tube top was around 8-10 inches. Sew the front and back piece together to create a tube. Hemn the bottom of the pom pom top.

Next fold the hemn of the top of the pom pom top over 1/2 inch -3/4 inch, this will allow room to insert an elastic band to hold your top up against your chest. Wrap the elastic band around your chest to determine the amount you will need for your top. Leave a half inch opening and sew the perimeter of your hemn, this allows for an opening for the elastic band to be inserted. Next, insert your elastic band and sew the ends of the elastic together, then hemn the remaining portion of the opening closed.

Now we are almost finished. Next grab the remaining fabric, wrap it around your torso, determine the amount of fabric required to make the top “loose fitting”, the lay the fabric and cut away the excess fabric. Lay the fabric folded in half, cut at the fold to create a symmetrical front and back for the tube top shirt. Turn the front and back pieces of the shirt print side to print side, pin at the sides and sew in place. Next flip your fabric print side out and overlap the pom pom portion of your tube top over tube portion of your shirt. Make sure to pin the tube top portion of your shirt at the very top of your pom pom portion of the shirt. Stretch your fabric as you go, to ensure the elastic fabric will “scrunch” properly. The fabric should be sandwiched between 2 hemns. The final step is to hemn the bottom of your pom pom tube top shirt!

Now we need to get to that potluck, picnic or barbecue and have ourselves a savory good time.

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