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DIY: Wall Calendar Organizer #DGIJ D8

Welcome to day 8 of Daily Glory In June, #DGIJ.

Today we are making a wall calendar organizer. I really want to get my summer organization together. I have so many places I have been tracking important dates and as a result I usually miss scheduled events because I did not add the dates  to the multiple calendars I have been using including my phone, an online calendar and a day planner.

I want simplicity. I just so happen to have a work space in my living room. I imagined that having a wall calendar there, would make the most sense for updates and ongoing visibility. I will also plan to update any important dates into my phone on a weekly basis. I am hopeful that I will now be able to better organize important dates for myself, my little boys and coordinating schedules with the hubby.


So let’s make a wall calendar organizer!


16 x 24 Plastic picture frame

Washi Tape (whatever color you like)

Spray Paint (to paint the frame of the calendar)

Chalkboard Marker

Chalkboard Contact paper

Permanent Marker

Post it notes



Remove the plastic frame from the poster frame. Spray paint the plastic frame outside to minimize fume inhalation. While your frame is drying, unroll the chalkboard contact paper and adhere the chalkboard contact paper to the transparent film insert disk of the poster frame. Slowly and carefully remove any bubbles between the transparent film disk and the contact paper. Next cut off the excess chalkboard contact paper at the perimeters of the transparent film disk. Next, apply washi tape in six horizontal rows. Leave even amounts of space between all of your rows. Then make seven vertical washi tape rows for the seven days of the week. Connect the rows where the bottom of the first horizontal washi tape row begins. Now, you should have the basic outline of your calendar. Now you can add the days of the week with a permanent marker. Next add the days of the month to your calendar with your chalkboard marker. Re-attach the plastic spray painted frame to your calendar. Add important dates onto the post- it notes and adhere all of the notes onto the calendar. Add the month title to the calendar, and decorate if you like. Now your calendar is finished and ready to be hung on your wall. Enjoy the organization!

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