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How To: Make and Wear a Turban Style Headwrap (No Sew) DIY #DGIJ D11

Hi Friends,

Welcome to day 11 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ. Today we are making a super chic and easy Turban Style Headwrap. I love how chic these look and they are so easy to make! I love using stretch fabric with double sided prints to really get the full luxury of the look.

This is how I wear my hair of bad hair days. Or when I simply refuse to make time to style my hair. This counts as a protective style right? This head wrap is also a great way to disguise a deep conditioning in process. I love these head wraps, the convenience is an unmatched hair go-to in my natural hair tool box.


Let’s make a a Turban Style Headwrap!


Double side print Stretch fabric




Cut the the fabric into a rectangle measuring 28 inches in height and 45 inches in length. That is all. Now you are ready to wear your new Turban Headwrap. Fold the Headwrap in half to find the mid point, align the mid point of the headwrap at the nape of your neck. Pull all the fabric to the front of your hairline and begin twisting to create a circular whirlpool fabric bun. Tuck the end of your Headwrap into the fabric bun. Enjoy!

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Watch the video below for more details:


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