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Starbucks Inspired Caramel Frappucchino Recipe ” Dairy Free & Vegan” DIY #DGIJ D13

Welcome to Daily Glory In June, day 13.

Today we are making a favorite, the super yummy dairy free caramel frappucchino. This frappucchino is similar in taste to the caramel frappucchino’s you find at Starbucks.

This recipe is dairy free and vegan.


1 C. Double strength coffee (chilled)

1 Ripe banana

1 Scoop Vegan vanilla protein powder

1 Tsp. Vanilla extract

3 Tbsp. Vegan caramel sauce

14 Almond milk ice cubes


Pour all ingredients into a blender until the mixture is consistent and creamy in texture. Pour the frappucchino in a glass and serve. Add a little more vegan caramel sauce to decorate your frappucchino. This recipe make 2 servings. Enjoy!

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