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How To: Manage Depression & Anxiety 5 Tips #DGIJ D14

Hello and welcome to day 14 of Daily Glory in June, # DGIJ.

Today I want to talk about depression and anxiety. I am a social worker and will be working on getting my Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) certification and I feel it is very important to talk about and normalize mental health.

Let me begin my sharing that I have a personal relationship to anxiety and depression and feel it is even more important to share my experience as a woman of color.

I am not depressed and anxious all the time, but when moods of depression or anxiety do surface for me, I have five actions that help me start turning the tide around to find emotional relief.

1. Stress and overwhelm are at the heart of when we feel depression and anxiety.  Stress and overwhelm can come in the form of subtle and overt experiences.

2. Get to the core of what is causing depression or anxiety. Create space and time to discover what is at the root of your anxiousness or depression. Ask yourself: Why don’t I feel good? When was the last time I felt good? What helped me to feel better  last time?

3. Depression and anxiety can and do happen to everyone. There is a spectrum regarding to where each person may be on the spectrum but we are all capable and likely to experience depression and anxiety as we are human beings.

4. Be aware of your mental health tools? What tools will help you get relief from your symptom, what can you do to help turn your mood around. Be sure to use healthy tools for relief such as meditation, exercise, reading, walking etc. Some tools to avoid would be compulsive drinking, eating, drug use, violence etc. Also consider drinking more water and eating whole foods. This may help increase results for mood management.

5. Be clear on what actionary steps you can take to relive your depression and anxiety symptoms. What is the plan for recovery. What can you do today? What can you do in the next 10 minutes? Start making baby steps to get the ball rolling. With each accomplishment I find that my mood does improve.

I hope you give these tips a try!

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