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3 DIY Ideas for Father’s Day: Ft. Dollar Store Supplies #DGIJ D15

Welcome to day 15 of Daily Glory In June, #DGIJ.

Today I wanted to share three easy DIY ideas using Dollar Store supplies. I love the way everything turned out. To make it the easiest, follow the video linked below for the step by step process to create these DIY’s.

I love making special gifts for my friends and family. I think they appreciate them, but I feel like when I make gifts by hand I am delivering some of my positive energy and heart via the crafts I create. I love to make things for others, it’s been 10+ years since I have been shopping for gifts. I like it this way. Plus I don’t like shopping in stores when I don’t have to. So far, so good!

Mug Art Supply List:

Nail polish 2-3 contrasting colors

White Mug

Contact Paper

Storage Container Supply List:

Plastic jar container

Card stock paper

Contact paper

Jar contents (I added dark chocolates, a diffuser, fragrance oil, and head phones)

* If you have any spray paint or chalk paint you can decorate the plastic lid as well

Traditional 2D Card:

2 Pieces of card stock paper

2 Contrasting images (I used ads from a magazine)





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Watch the video below for to see the 3 Father’s Day DIY tutorials:


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