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Natural Hair: Seaweed Mask Deep Conditioner DIY Recipe (4B/ 4C) #DGIJ D17

Hi Friends,

Welcome to day 17 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ!

I hope you are enjoying the daily content. Today I am sharing an amazing Seaweed Hair Mask Deep Conditioner recipe. I love it. My hair was super soft and buttery after one application. I found that I had pretty good results with a 15 minute deep condition but I have also deep conditioned for up to a half hour.

Why Seaweed:

Seaweed has so many benefits for hair and body. The benefits of seaweed for natural hair include hair hydration, antioxidants to make you hair healthy and strong. Seaweed also has hair friendly vitamins to make your hair a shiny lustrous masterpiece.

Why Olive Oil?

Because it naturally has vitamin E  content and will penetrate your hair’s shaft to moisturize and hydrate your curls.


1 part Olive Oil

1 part Conditioner (pick your favorite)

1 Tbsp. Seaweed Powder


Mix and blend all ingredients in a bowl. Apply to freshly washed or co washed damp hair. Leave the deep conditioner hair mask on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse all of the conditioner out. This is a hair mask and will likely adhere to your hair. I use a Denman style brush and a little conditioner under warm running water to brush all of the deep conditioner back out. I hope you enjoy!

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