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How To: Solange Inspired High-Low Tank Top Skater Dress DIY #DGIJ D18

Hi Friends, Welcome to Day 18 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ!

Today I made a beautiful Solange Inspired Hi-Lo Tank Top Skater Dress. I was really excited to make this dress and plan to wear it fall, winter, spring and summer. In the summer I can wear it alone or with a denim jacket and sandals. In the cooler months of fall and I can wear it with knee high boots, cardigans or sweaters.


2 Yards of fabric


Measuring tape/ ruler

Straight edge

A top that fits you comfortably for the  tank top template


Begin by laying your fabric on a flat surface. Fold the fabric in half vertically. Fold the fabric in half again horizontally. Your fabric should be in the shape of a square. Find the point where the folds meet, this is where we will use our measurement. Measure the circumference of your waist. My waist is 38 inches. Divide the measurement of your waist by 6.28. The equation should look like: X/6.28=Solution for waist of circle skirt. Use your ruler or straight edge to mark from the top point where the fabric folds meet down to the number of inches your circle skirt equations gives you. Gently lift the ruler on at the bottom, keeping the top of the ruler on the from the top point where all the fabric folds connect. Mark the fabric a few inches and continue to mark to create a curve. Cut out along the marking you have created in order to create the waist of your skater skirt. Set aside.

Fold the fabric in half. This should create a front and back piece of fabric. Layer your top over the fabric. Tuck the sleeves in if you have a shirt with sleeves. Cut around the shape of the shirt. This should give you a tank top. Fold the tank top in half horizontally to cut away any uneven or excess fabric. Next, I used a sports bra as a template to create a sporty cut for the neck line and arm holes, similar to Solange’s dress. Pin the tops of the shoulders and the sides of your tank and sew in place. Sew the hemn for the arm holes and neck hole of the tank top portion of your dress.

Next, lay the tank top flat, then lay the circle skirt flat at the bottom of the tank top. Cut away any excess fabric. The waist of your tank top and the waist of your circle skirt need to be the same size. Pin the circle skirt where you have cut away the excess fabric, sew in place.

Lay the circle skirt flat. Position the vertical hemn of the skirt at one end and flatten the fabric out. Now cut 2-3 inches off of the bottom of the front end of the skirt. Slowly work your scissors back down to the original length of the skirt. When you unfold the skirt, it will have a Hi-Lo design.

Now, it is time to attach our skirt to the tank. Lay your tank flat. Turn your skirt inside out, Make sure the hemn is centered at the back. Keep your tank top print side up. Turn your tank top so it is facing upside down. Insert the tank top through the opening of the circle skirt. Use the side hemn of the tank top to determine the middle of the tank top. Pin the back middle of the tank top to the vertical hemn of the circle skirt. Pin at the sides and the front, you are connecting the skirt to the tank top. Sew everything in place, hemn the bottom of the circle skirt and you are finished. Enjoy!

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Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial:


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