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DIY Recipe: BB/ CC Cream For Summer Oily Skin (Tinted Moisturizer) For Summer Oily Skin #DGIJ D19

Hi Friends and welcome to Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ day 19!

Whoa time is flying! Today, I bring to you a simple and super effective recipe for BB/ CC Cream. This recipe makes for a great tinted moisturizer. I want to go light on make up this summer and I also have serious oily skin. My solution was to master a BB cream where I could do a quick application and be out the door or on to the next thing in under 60 seconds. Being a mom on the go requires some time management hacks and multi-purpose products are a golden path to saving time.

Just calculating the application process for moisturizer, sunscreen, then primer, then foundation is more than I am willing to hold onto. Freedom is mine.

This primer provides a sheer matte coverage, you can still see some blemishes in my complexion but I do not aim to look perfect, just pulled together. Looking too airbrushed is not a priority for me. I want to feel pretty even with my blemishes. 🙂


1/2 Tsp. Moisturizer

2 Tsp. Primer

3/4 Tsp. Sunscreen

1 Tsp. Foundation


Use an air tight container, mix all the ingredients with a popsicle stick. Store in a dark and cool area. I store my BB cream in my medicine cabinet in a opaque container. This recipe has a shelf life of 6 months, but I may be all out after 30 days!

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