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5 Conversation Starters For Introverts: Networking and Meeting New People #DGIJ D20

I am an introvert. I love to have some solo time. I feel more refreshed and invigorated when I am working independently. I also really enjoy meeting new people. My previous years in retail have helped me to meet new people with ease without becoming nervous.

I have 5 tried and true conversation starters that work really well in my experiences networking and meeting new people.

How I introduce myself: When I am in a networking event, I will stay to avoid the perimeter of the room. I walk into the middle of the room and start to smile and scan for others who will likely be smiling and scanning for someone to talk to. When I make friendly eye contact with someone for a few seconds, I will walk up to them and introduce myself with a big smile. Hi my name is Bran, what’s your name? The new person shares their name and smiles. *Shaking hands….Now what.

Use the 5 conversation starters below to easily and comfortably carry the conversation forward.

1. What are your plans for the _____(insert whatever season is current-fall, winter, spring or summer)? This will tell more information about what interest your conversation partner has.

2. Where are you from/ born? Some people may be offended if you ask where they were born so I will usually ask where they are from. This gives your conversation partner the opportunity to answer based on what they make of the question, birth or where they live in general.

3. What do you do? This can be regarding professional work or what they like to do in their spare time. This will give you more information and insight on how your conversation partner spends their time.

4.What do you enjoy most about going to _________ events? This is in reference to wherever you are currently, the social gathering you are participating in. For example, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, networking, coffee shops etc. The answers can be surprising and unique. *This is one of my favorite conversation starters.

5. Tell me more about your life interests? This question will offer more fuel to the conversation. People generally appreciate being asked about their dreams and life goals and this question is asking to hear more about either or both.

I hope you give these conversation starters a try!

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