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All Natural Remedy for After A Bikini Wax/ Shave + 6 Steps for Beautiful Bikini Skin! #DGIJ D21

Hello friends, welcome to Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ day 21!

Happy first day of summer to you all. Today, I thought it was time to share an all natural remedy to prevent ingrown hairs, bikini bumps, skin blemishes and general skin irritation.

Natural Remedy (*use externally):

Tea Tree Essential Oil (use all natural/ pure)

What are the benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil?

-Astringent properties to cleanse skin

-Provides moisture to skin

-Kills Bacteria

-Anti-inflammatory properties to sooth skin

-Smells amazing

I have found 6 steps that help keep bikini skin beautiful:

1. Cleanse your bikini area

2. Exfoliate your bikini area (I use a Japanese exfoliation cloth or a bikini scrub)

3. Cleanse bikini area to remove all of the cleanser from exfoliation

4. Extract Hair from bikini area. Wax, shave, groom.

5. Exfoliate to protect from ingrown hairs.

6. Apply tea Tree oil (* for the first 4-5 days post grooming, this is when your skin will be most reactive to grooming).

I hope you enjoyed these tips.

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