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Emotionally Restorative Self Care: For People of Color – African Americans – Black People

Hi Friends and welcome to day 22 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ.

Today I wanted to address the exhaustion I have been feeling in regards to all of the racial injustice and violence that has been happening against black people, people of color and African Americans.

I am still astonished in regards of the murders of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice and a stream of countless others who have not received  any media coverage for their unjustifiable murders, violence, or mistreatment. More recently Mckinney Texas, Rachel Dolezal and the Charleston Massacre have caused me emotional fatigue. I have had emotional exhaustion just trying to understand and make sense of the onslaught of violence being targeted at African Americans and people of color. What is this really all about?

I can not  begin to comprehend a recipe for  structural oppression, racism, prejudice and cultural appropriation to be dismantled. As a black woman, I do understand the importance of self care to manage all of the emotional exhaustion that comes with the territory.

I wanted to share 6 opportunities for self care that have really helped me maintain during this influx of racism, and violence being perpetuated towards the African American Community.

1. Acknowledge that racism and oppression are real for people of color. *Including you. The including you goes out to anyone who has respectability politics to offer. There is no degree, or clothing style that will protect people of color from racism. It is real, and once you start acknowledging this you will be able to make healthy decisions in your course of relationships and interactions.

2. Disconnect from the controllable media access (TV, Social media, radio, newspaper) regarding updates and developments. I find it helpful to keep up with the development of the stories effecting the community but I cannot watch 24 hour coverage.

3. Exercise, this is a great way to expel negative energy, anger and frustration. You will feel better if you give yourself a safe and healthy way to eliminate bad energy. I jog 20-30 minutes four or five times a week. Walking is also a great practice to rid yourself of negative energy.

4. Call a friend. It feels good to vent and talk about the upsetting events. I recommend you reach out to others who share your experience or identifiers. This is helpful to be able to just talk plainly without having to stop and explain why you feel as you do. Look for someone you can trust and be honest with. You should not feel like you are needing to argue your feelings or point of view.

5. Look for community. Get out and find a community that you believe in, support, show up. In the midst of all of the events that are beyond our control it is important to get up and be activated to do something. You can volunteer in an organization that focuses on the needs of people of color or volunteer for a general cause that you have a passionate interest in. Showing up and volunteering will help you to feel connected to bringing positivity back into focus.

6. Eat, sleep, do well. Now is a time to give yourself premium self care. Eat healthy nutritious foods, be sure to stay hydrated and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Also slow down to take in the day minute by minute or hour by hour instead of juggling too many thoughts or expectations regarding your day to day. Treat your self well, taking in the day in small intervals, this helps to stay present. Your meal and sleep regimen may be the maker or breaker for recovery from emotional exhaustion or the beginning stages of depression, and psychological trauma.

* Think about a physical place or practice where you feel limitless and beautiful. My safe place is watching a sunset. I find that my spirit is refreshed when I have a chance to take one in. Find your safe place and go to it as often as possible. You deserve to recharge.

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