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The Best Defined Flat Twist Out Tutorial for 4B/4C Tapered TWA *Natural Hair #DGIJ D23

Hi Friends, Welcome to day 23 of Daily Glory in June, #DGIJ.

Today, I wanted to share the flat twist out method that works best for my tapered TWA natural hair. The process is pretty easy and my results have been consistently awesome. I use 2-3 products at most.

This style method is best done at bedtime or on the weekend. This style will take 6-8 hours to set.


Leave in conditioner (optional)

Moisturizing Hair Cream



Hair Scrunchies

Wide Tooth Comb

Denman Style Brush


Co-wash, or wash and condition your hair. Dry hair partially, leave your hair slightly damp. Distribute leave in conditioner to your hair evenly. Next distribute moisturizing hair cream evenly. Section hair into small sections, pin the hair back that you will not be flat twisting. This will  make it easier to flat twist the section you are working on. On the small section you are working on distribute the gel to your hair, rake the gel into your hair. Next, comb the section from tip to root, this step makes sure that your hair is evenly coated with gel and moisturizer.

Now tightly twist your hair, separate the strands downward with each pass of your twisting, grab new hair from the remaining free hair in the section. When you have reached the bottom of your twist gently coil your ends around the tip of your finger. This will create a finished flat twist. Repeat the steps until you have completed all of your hair. Sleep with a bonnet on overnight.

After your hair has set, use oil to coat your hands. Unravel each twist slowly, separate the twist into singular stands. When all of your twists are separated, use your wide tooth comb to fluff your roots.  If you would like you can also use gel or an edge control to slick down your edges/ baby hair to frame the twist out. Your Flat twist out is now complete, enjoy!

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