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Family Recap: Graduation And A Baby Shower #DGIJ D26

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a little of my family with you. Both of my sons helped me to prep our pot luck dish for their big graduation day ceremony. My oldest son graduated from kindergarten and my younger son from preschool. We also attended a family friendly baby shower over the weekend.

Pot Luck Prep:

My sons helped to prep watermelon cupcakes. The cupcakes consisted of a layer of watermelon, a kiwi slice on top and then a strawberry slice on top of that. I used a colorful toothpicks to hold it all together. If you have any wax lined cupcake liners to put the fruit in, it makes for an excellent presentation.


Graduation Day:

My older son participated in two recitals for graduation day and the school held a beautiful family pot luck. My younger son was not feeling very well but he was also set to receive his graduation certificate.


Baby Shower:

The family went to a family friendly baby shower. We met with some of my husband’s cross fit friends. I had a great time, good food and lots of conversation.

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